Recipe: honey cake with prune and banana

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I never thought that I would be baking. But a few weeks ago I participated in one baking contest and took first place in it. This gave me a motivation to try something new. My friend's husband saw a picture of my cake and asked me to bake a cake for his wife and guests for her birthday (he arranged a secret surprise party for her). Since the amount of guests was 15+, I decided to make a honey cake (medovik), because I have never done it before.

Of course I was afraid that something would go wrong and I'll screw it up, so I was looking only for proven recipes for honey cake with reviews of real people. I had already done Pavlova's cakes by this blogger`s recipe and I really liked that all the recipes accompanied with the photos and detailed description, so I decided to stop on this recipe and did not regret it. I increased the number of ingredients by 2 times (in my recipe it's already doubled), but for the cream it was not necessary to increase the ingredients that much, the half of the cream still remained (I used 1250 g of sour cream, I recommend taking 900 -1000 g).

My cake turned out 3.5 kg, the taste was incredible, all the guests loved it! Prunes and bananas are especially good in there. I already came up with interesting recipes for Christmas, so do not forget to follow my page :) There are so many recipes and other interesting stuff not written in the blog yet!

If you do not plan to make such a big cake, then take the ingredients two times less than in my recipe.

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- 4 eggs
- 400 g of sugar
- 4 Tbsp of honey
- 2 ts of soda
- 200 g of butter
- 900 g of flour


- 1 kg of sour cream (20%)
- 350 g of sugar
- 2 tsp of vanilla sugar or vanilla paste
- 250 g of prune
- 3 bananas



1) Put the water in a saucepan on a fire.
2) Put eggs, sugar and honey in a bowl.
3) Add the soda and mix well.
4) When the water in the saucepan boils, place the bowl on a saucepan (make water bath) and mix eggs with sugar for 7-10 minutes, so that the eggs do not curl. Add the butter and stir until completely dissolved.
5) Remove the bowl from the water bath, add half of the specified amount of flour and mix well. Leave the batter to cool.
6) When the batter has cooled, add the second half of the flour and knead the soft dough.
7) Divide the dough into 6 parts.
8) Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
9) Roll the dough on baking paper, cut out with a shape (or a plate. I had a rectangular shape in size 35x24 cm). Roll remaining dough together, roll it in the end, bake and make a crumb of it.
10) Poke dough with a fork, make frequent pokes around the entire dough to prevent it from rising.
11) Bake each layer until golden brown (about 4 minutes). Layers are baked very quickly, so keep an eyes on them!
12) Fold the baked layers on top of each other and leave to cool.


1) Beat cold sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar. Beat with the mixer, cause this will take time (do not be afraid if the sour cream is very liquid at first, it will rise after whipping and thicken, but it will take about 15 minutes!).
2) Cut prunes and bananas into small pieces.
3) Now we will assamble the cake: put cream on each layer, sprinkle with prunes and bananas. Put cream on a sides, too.
4) Make the crumbs of the leftover baked dough in the blender.
5) Sprinkle the cake with crumbs from the top and sides.
6) Put it in the fridge and let it stay for one night.
7) If you wish, you can decorate only with fresh berries. And if you want to decorate also with chocolate, then melt the chocolate (240 grams of dark chocolate) with butter (120 grams) in a water bath. Mix well, pour into the cellophane bag. Cool a little, cut a corner of the bag and decorate with chocolate around the perimeter of the cake. Put the berries on the chocolate to fix them.


Original recipe: медовик

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