Recipe: dessert in a jar

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Have you ever wondered how you can use jars left from baby puree? I do. Recently I was at the friend`s child birthday party and saw how she used small baby food jars for dessert, this idea inspired me so much that I tried to make a dessert using my own recipe. I used large jars for adult guests. For children, you can use smaller jars :) You can also use beautiful glasses or other similar dishes.
This recipe is suitable for children who do not have allergies to cow's milk. If you like it sweeter, you can add honey to the yogurt or make a layer of jam.


- 370 gr of greek yogurt or any other plain yogurt
- Digestive cookies
- coconut flakes
- dried cranberries
- blueberry for decoration


Break cookies into crumbs and mix with coconut flakes. Mix yogurt with cranberries. Lay the layers in a jar: cookies, then yogurt, again cookies, yogurt, the last layer is from leftover crumbs and decorate with blueberries. From this amount of ingredients I made 5 jars of dessert.
This dessert is perfect option for children`s birthday party.


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