Recipe: kefir cake with ricotta cheese

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What to do when the house is full of kefir and ricotta cheese? Of course bake a cake! A very easy to prepare cake, which does not take much time, will remain fluff and also does not require butter.
By the way, the cake becomes tastier, if you let it stay for some time, then all tastes are joined together.
Everyone liked the cake, so I am definitely making it again :)

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- 200 ml of kefir
- 3 eggs (2 eggs for dough and 1 for ricotta cheese)
- 200 g (+ 3 Tblsp for ricotta) of sugar
- 300 g of flour
- 0.5 tsp of soda
- 1 tsp of baking powder
- 250 g of ricotta cheese
- 1 tsp of vanilla sugar
- 100 ml of vegetable oil


1) Add soda to kefir and leave for 10 minutes.
2) Then add sugar, 2 eggs and mix with whisk.
3) Add the vegetable oil, mix.
4) Add the sifted flour and baking powder, mix until smooth.
5) Separately mix the ricotta cheese with 1 egg and 3 tablespoons of sugar, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar.
6) Pour dough in a greased form and lay out the ricotta cheese on the top of dough.
7) Bake in preheated to 180 degrees oven until cooked for about 30-40 minutes.


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