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Japanese cuisine is common thing in our home, my husband is cooking Japanese food. He often offers to teach me Japanese cuisine and since he works very hard and I actually want Japanese food, I learned several of my favorite and simple recipes from him, which I share with you :)

The calculation of the ingredients is based on how much you consume garnish. The number of ingredients in my recipe is calculated for one large portion of rice. If you eat not much, then reduce the serving in two or even three times.
I write the recipe for schnitzel but you can use minced meat or fish instead of schnitzel, which must be cooked before.

Dashi is Japanese fish stock. If you do not have the opportunity to buy it (in Estonia you can buy, for example, in nori store, a link to the product:, then it can be replaced with any other available fish / meat / vegetable based stock but the taste will be slightly different from the original.

Lactose and milk protein free.

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- ready schnitzel/minced meat/fish
- 120 ml of water
- a pinch of dashi powder or any other soup stock
- 30 ml of soy sauce
- 20 g of sugar
- half onion
- 2 eggs
- leek/zucchini
- green onion


1) Prepare the schnitzel (chicken or pork: pound every pieces of meat, sprinkle with salt and pepper, first coat in flour, then in beaten egg and then in bread crumbs and fry over medium heat from two sides to golden crust), use ready-made or fry minced meat / fish .
2) Mix the water, dashi and soy sauce.
3) In a small frying pan heat the sauce, add sugar and heat until the sugar is completely dissolved.
4) Add the cut into half rings onion and leek / zucchini, bring to a boil.
5) Add chopped schnitzel / minced meat/ fish.
6) Beat eggs a little and pour them on schnitzel.
7) Cover the pan with a lid, boil for 20 seconds and turn off the heat.
8) Give a few minutes to simmer, do not remove the lid at this time.
9) Sprinkle with chopped green onion, serve on a cushion of rice / buckwheat / pearl barley.


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  1. Wow, this looks yummy! Great use for zucchini, too! :-)

  2. I have to admit, my obsession with Japanese kitchen is related to Japanese anime... because I'm a huge fan and watch every single anime series I am now also in love with Japanese culture and kitchen too. Trying to find all the recipes I can and cook, which isn't easy for me because up until now I was only good in Papas Games,  (online cooking games for kids). and now... I can cook Takoyaki, Ramen, Doroyaki etc. Anyway, thank you very much for this recipe, it gonna take a while but I'll definitely master it!.