Refreshing watermelon popsicles

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When you think about summer the thought of fresh fruit flies through your head, especially the watermelon, does not it? Do you like watermelon? And your children? Honestly I'm not a fan of watermelon, it's enough for me to eat it a few times a year, but my son and husband like it! But, of course, after my son has eaten a watermelon, you have to wash him, a chair and a floor :D

Watermelon can be eaten fresh, used in smoothie or been frozen. I tried all the options and my child liked everything :D When I went to the big Maxima grocery shop I saw these ice cream molds, which I wanted to buy for a long time, and at an excellent price (1.50 euros only). There were several colors to choose from, I bought with dinosaurs. What is convenient in this form is that if the ice cream melts, it drains in a bowl with a stick and not on the floor.

When we went to Japan 3 years ago, my husband's sister showed me how to eat a watermelon with salt. Salt makes the watermelon even sweeter. Try it!

Now you can buy a watermelon at a good price of 0.35-0.70 cents in different stores (Konsum, Maxima, Rimi, Prisma). Preparation of watermelon popsicles is very easy, you will need only seedless and sliced watermelon. The best dessert when it's hot outside!


1) Clear the watermelon from the skin and seeds.
2) Cut into cubes and press into an popsicle mold.
3) Freeze and enjoy :)


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