Restaurant review: Kitchen rõõm

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Good morning! I will get distracted from the recipes today (I did not plan to become a food blogger at all :D) and write a short review about restaurant we visited a couple of days ago, located in Lasnamäe at P.Pinna 8 (link: https: //www.facebook. Com / kitchenroomresto /). Since I saw so many positive reviews, we decided to go and check it out. We visit Lasnamäe not that often and do not know eating places in there, but this time I knew where to go.
It can be a little tight with parking but in this case you can park near the police station. Waiter meets you at the entrance, offers to choose the table. We chose, sat down at the table and were immediately given a menu (there is no English menu, only Russian and Estonian). First we ordered drinks, we took soda water and non-alcoholic mojito (Virgin Mojito). Have asked to bring children's chair, as we could not find it ourselves.

In the beginning we wanted to order a lunch offer and a roasted lagman from the Uzbek menu, but it was not available, same as some other Uzbek dishes (as the waiter said, they were only being prepared at the moment), so we took two lunch offers (chicken sashlik in a Josper stove with baked potatoes and salad), Ajarski style khachapuri, grilled vegetables for the child (asked if there were any boiled potatoes / baked / boiled vegetables, but they did not have), there is one champignon and a piece of zucchini missing on the photo of the grilled vegetables :) I asked to bring black bread for the child, we were kindly given it (there was no other bread offered).

Despite the fact that restaurant was half full, food came pretty quickly, dishes were cleaned in right time. The food was delicious, especially we liked adjika for shashlik :) Khachapuri was tasty, just from the oven, mm! By the way, if you take grilled vegetables for child, then make sure that they do not put salt, I forgot to clarify that :) (for those who do not give salt to the children), I tried vegetables myself and it was delicious, my child ate them with pleasure :)

We decided to order "Pavlova" cake for dessert and free coffee was served with dessert. The dessert is beautiful, it tastes good, too, sweetness is perfect. We used a button on the table to ask for bill, waiter came quickly :) there were many waiters around.

A very nice bonus is a coupon for 6 € (20% of the bill), which can be used in 2 weeks without the minimum purchase amount, you can just come to have a free lunch :)
There is a children's play room with toys, a TV, a drawing table, outside there is a terrace with slides for children.
I hope that they will be resolve problem with English menu and in the menu will appear neutral products for children who have allergies to dairy products and products containing eggs :)


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