Recipe: toddler meatballs with red lentils

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Since my child is allergic to milk protein and egg, I come up with recipes without these allergens. And, of course, food should be as healthy and tasty as possible.
A couple of months ago, my child had a very low hemoglobin (at the age of 1, hemoglobin was only 74!), So my husband and I started to think (and he's professional chef) how could we change food of our child so that he woukd get more iron-containing products. At the moment my son's hemoglobin is normal and he eats meat and vegetables every day. Spinach and red lentils are very useful and iron-containing foods and are suitable for both children and adults.
The amount of spinach and lentils I did not specify in the recipe, cause I put everything by feeling.


- 500 g of minced meat (beef or 50/50)
- fresh spinach
- red lentils
- tomatoes


1) Put lentils in a bowl and rinse with cold water, pour out the water.
2) Add water and leave lentils for 30 minutes so that it absorbs water.
3) Grind spinach in a blender.
4) Mix minced meat, spinach and red lentils with hands in a bowl.
5) Form the balls and put them in a baking dish oiled with olive oil.
6) Make tomato puree (I used 5 medium tomatoes) in a blender and pour puree over balls.
7) Cover baking dish with foil and put in preheated to 200 degrees oven, bake meatballs until ready (about 30 minutes).

My child is eating them with hands and I am also adding minced meatballs to evening porridge :)


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