Recipe: cookie cake with farmer`s cheese cream

9:24 PM Valerie Ohata 0 Comments

A few days ago my friend came to visit me and since I had sour cream, farmer`s cheese and cookies at home, I decided to make an improvised cake from cookies for the first time. At the same time I am decluttering freezer and just took out strawberry jam from last year, so now I'm making recipes using jam (I've already tried one and I will share it with you later). I mixed jam with this cream and it turned out very tasty!
I had cookie with lemon flavor and this cookie was perfectly matched with strawberry jam. Actually you can use any jam, any cookies. I found dark and white chocolate at home and decorated with it :)


- 2 packs of lemon flavored cookies
- 200 g of ricotta cheese
- 200 g of sour cream
- jam
- milk
- powdered sugar (if necessary)
- dark and white chocolate for decoration on request


1) Mix ricotta cheese, sour cream and jam. If not sweet enough, then add powdered sugar.
2) Pour milk in a bowl and perch each biscuit in milk.
3) The first layer of biscuits, the second cream, the third again biscuits and on top cream.
4) Melt white and dark chocolate in a microwave in different dishes and decorate with a spoon. If there is no chocolate, then you can decorate with the crumb of the remaining cookies.
5) Put in refrigerator for a couple of hours, so that the cream thickens. I liked most on the next day.


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