New bakery Kördiööbiku in Miiduranna Konsum

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Good morning! Today I want to tell you a little about the new bakery, which is located in the same building as Miiduranna Konsum (address is Ranna tee 46a). Found this store just a couple of days ago and since it was already closed at that time, I came back yesterday to check out what is being sold in there and to take some photos to share with you :)
This building has been empty for a long time and a new bakery, where you can sit and drink coffee, is just a great idea (Pizza Grande is, unfortunately, closed). If there were no signs on the outside, I would hardly have noticed that now there is a small cafe-bakery. Since people may not notice it as much as I do, I'll tell you a little about the cafe and show what I bought in there :)
The cafe takes orders for cakes, pies and other baked stuff. Serves a nice woman, the cafe has 3 tables where you can sit, relax, have a snack. There are various salty patties (around 0.60 euros per piece), sweet buns, sweet and salty bar-cakes (about 3.90 euros), pies, cakes, sweet and salty biscuits.

I bought a zephyr cake, a tiramisu cake, a cinnamon roll and a meringue roll with a nutty taste. All is packed in boxes and buns are put separately in a cellophane bag.

Zephyr cake. Zephyr is thick, with a sour taste, which should be in zephyr. Not too sweet. The basket is too soft because of the jam in it, so it falls apart and is easier to eat with a spoon. Jam inside the basket is sour, so by the end everything becomes too sour, it is better to add banana instead of jam :) The zephyr itself is delicious.

A cinnamon bun. A bun with cinnamon as in the old days, for me the roll is a bit firm and dryish, I prefer the modern version, when cinnamon and sugar are mixed with butter. But this bun immediately inspired school memories :)

Roll-meringue with nutty taste. Raspberries add acidity, the roll itself is not very sweet, which is good for me. What I personally missed is juiciness, I prefer "wet" meringue rolls.

Tiramisu cake. I bought this cake for my husband, since I do not eat anything related to coffee, but I tried a piece for the sake of feedback. The taste is quite soft, for me just right. Inside the cake there is jam, this also has soft taste, could be a bit more sour. It looks simple and pretty :) The flower is made of sugar mass.

Now we need to try something salty, since our Violia, Pihlaka, Lavendel and Tampe have already been tried :)

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