AliExpress review: artificial lavender

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Sorry, guys, I got sick a week ago and I still struggle with sickness, so did not write for a long time in the blog. Today I want to return to my AliExpress reviews. I have been ordering from AliExpress for 4 years already and I am a verified blogger on AliExpress and iTao. You can see my reviews on the main page of Ali's mobile application under the heading "Blogger pick".
And now a review of the artificial lavender branch in purple color.
I love lavender! For its appearance and smell .. I try everywhere different desserts made with lavender and buy cosmetics with it. In summertime I buy lavender in pots for home decor, but short time ago I noticed a beautiful artificial lavender on some photos, so I decided to order it myself, because the price is very attractive :)

The order came in 2 weeks, was not tracked. Lavender was bent and packed in a bag, but did not get damaged. The whole stem and twigs bend the way you want. Lavender sold in a few colors, but they are all covered with powder to create more gentle and realistic effect. At first I thought to wash off the powder with water when I took it out of the package, but then I read the reviews and people wrote that if you wash it off, then the lavender loses its appearance, so I just shook it pretty much and now it's just perfect. I was more than happy with quality for such money.

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