Toddler recipe: amaranth with tuna and cauliflower

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Did you know about the amaranth? Tried it? Me not. But my husband read about it and it`s properties and said that we should definitely try it. Amaranth`s healthy properties are same as quinoa but it costs twice cheaper.
Amaranth is a grain of the Aztec era, which contains a large number of vitamins and minerals and does not contain gluten.
Amaranth can be used for porridge, garnish, soup, salad. Suits children and adult.

Lactose-, dairy-, milk protein-, egg-, flour-, gluten-, sugar- and salt-free.

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- amaranth
- tuna in brine
- cauliflower

Side dish:

- zucchini
- green beans


1) Rinse amaranth under cold water.
2) Pour cold water in a saucepan (1 part of amaranth for 4 parts of water), put on fire and bring to a boil.
3) Cover with a lid, reduce the fire to medium and cook for about 25-30 minutes (amaranth does not increase in size and remains crisp).
4) In another saucepan boil cauliflower, green beans and zucchini until soft: add cauliflower to cold water, put on fire, add a green beans and chopped zucchini 5 minutes before the cauliflower is ready.
5) Rinse the tuna under cold water to get rid of excess salt.
6) If there is excess water left in the amaranth, then drain it. Add the tuna and chopped cauliflower.
7) Serve green beans and zucchini to amaranth.


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