How to use juice bottles + AliExpress review

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Many of you have already seen these awesome candy bars, which are so popular in America as well as around the world. Very convenient buffet type table, when everyone comes and chooses snacks according to their taste. Usually offered salty and sweet snacks, cake, drinks. I love candy bars for children's birthdays and I already have plans to organize a table for my boy on his birthday (of course without dairy products and products containing eggs!) as well as my birthday.
Many that type of tables contain bottles with juice / lemonade / cocktails, the priorities of which are: individuality, convenience and aesthetic appearance.

I already wrote earlier about how I use jars from the baby food: dessert in jar, which is perfect for children's and adult party tables. Today I will show you a photo (maybe someone will get inspired and get ideas for realization) how I use bottles from baby juice and write about these beautiful straws ordered from AliExpress.

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The parcel number was not tracked but straws arrived within 2 weeks. Exactly 25 pieces in the package, no smell. Straws are made from thick paper but the paper softens in the liquid. Drinking is convenient, the flow is good.

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