60 things to throw away right now

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Starting with the topic of organizing and cleaning your home, take the time to throw away old and useless things. This list helps you to understand what things can be immediately sent to the trash without regret and you will soon see how your home becomes more spacious. More cleaning plans I will post to the blog later, it's just the beginning. Let's make our home clean and cozy!

Things to throw away right this moment:

1) Old newspapers, magazines, commercials, flyers
2) Old batteries and lamps
3) Lost pairs of socks
4) Old and expired cosmetics, creams, perfumes, household chemicals, nail varnishes
5) Old and expired medicine
6) Old pens, broken pencils
7) Old and stretched out hair bands
8) Old, washed-up towels with an unpleasant odor
9) Old, dirty and broken clothes
10) Old or broken jewelry, earrings without a pair
11) Old bags
12) Shoe boxes that you do not use
13) Books that you do not read / will not read anymore (and it is better to give them away)
14) Small and not fitting clothing (donate or sell)
15) Old bed linen
16) Broken socks, pantyhose and underwear
17) Broken children's toys
18) Children's toys which child no longer plays with (sell / give away)
19) Children's clothing which is already small (sell / give away)
20) Expired food, spices, liquids
21) Games with lost parts
22) Old wires from electronics, phones
23) Kitchen gadgets that you do not use
24) Old receipts and manuals
25) Remains of paper and ribbons for packing
26) Unfinished handicrafts that you will not finish
27) Duplicates of things
28) Old non-working electronics, phones, cases for phones
29) Old notebooks or records
30) Unnecessary plastic bags and disposable boxes
31) Broken or cracked dishes
32) Boxes of electronics or other things
33) Tea / coffee that you do not drink
34) Old DVD, CD
35) Old pillows and blankets
36) Greeting Cards
37) Dead plants and flowers
38) Unused candles or remains from candles
39) Old diaries and calendars
40) Decorative stuff or handicrafts that you do not use
41) Old computer games or games for consoles
42) Old documents or cards (you can burn them)
43) Old vouchers, discount coupons, cards for stamps / stickers
44) Everything that is not needed in the car (garbage)
45) Unnecessary things in your wallet
46) Unnecessary things in pockets of jackets and jeans
47) Unnecessary things in a bag
48) Old letters, postcards
49) Virtual mail (e-mail)
50) Old belts, ties, accessories for clothes
51) Old shoes
52) Empty jars and bottles
53) Broken / scratched sunglasses
54) Old scarves, hats and gloves
55) Old Wallets
56) Old brushes, sponges and other accessories for cosmetics
57) Old sms, messages
58) Unnecessary apps on your phone
59) Transfer photos and videos to your computer and delete them from your phone
60) Old contacts in phone


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