100 days

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Well, long time no see! I finally mustered up the courage and started up with my blog. Again.
First post will be about celebration of our baby`s 100 days. It`s a Japanese weaning ceremony of first food (Japanese name is okuizome).
Usually mother-in-low is preparing different selection of washoku (Japanese traditional cuisine) but in our case all this delicious and aesthetically pleasing food was prepared by my husband who is professional Japanese cuisine chef with over 22 years of experience.
This ceremony involves oldest relatives which means that child will live long life. You can find not only food on plates but also some stone which means that baby will get strong teeth.
Every relative, starting with the oldest one, is pretending to feed baby with food (but not really doing it!) and passing to the next person.
Not all of our relatives can use hashi (chopsticks), so there was a personal silver spoon on table for those.
This ceremony is meant to wish baby long life, always to have food on table and get strong teeth.
After finish the ceremony we could try all of this food by ourselves and continue with BBQ in our backyard :)
And, of course, dessert! A party without tasty dessert? No way! Matcha tea roll with cream inside (and special additive in it!), mmm.. Yummy!

If you are interested in these dishes, then do not hesitate to ask for names!

Best wishes,

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