Wedding dress from AliExpress? Yes!

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Wedding dress from AliExpress? No, not a joke but reality! And I did it and do not regret it :)
My wedding was in the summer of 2015, I began to search for a dress in January. I did not start looking for a dress on AliExpress but from local stores. I checked everything in the city, I did not find anything that I looked at and said: "this is right one!". I even went to another city to check some dresses but nothing.

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I knew exactly what type and form of dress I needed, so I searched only for this type of dress. Since I had two dresses on the wedding day and one of them is very expensive (a real Japanese kimono on the first two photos), I did not want to spend more than 500 € on the white wedding dress I was wearing on the banquet.

I decided to try my luck on AliExpress, because so many people around the world are buying dresses on AliExpress. Of course this is a lottery, so I selected the A-type dresses and I was looking for the ones I like. When I selected these "lucky ones", I started looking for dresses depending on reviews and rating of the store. Unfortunately, there was no any reviews for the dress that I and my husband liked, but the seller was very sociable and answered all the messages, so I decided to order it from him.

I ordered it in April, it was sewed according to my measurements (it was possible to choose from the ready sizes or by they could sew according to your measurements). I paid for the order on April 19, and they sent me a photo of the finished dress on May 5, on May 6 they handed dress to DHL for delivery. I will say honestly: the dress was different from the photo that the seller had on his selling page (the details in the photo were silver and mine are gold ones.) It is a pity that they did not specify this moment for me, since I picked up the silver jewelry by that time. Also the bust was higher than on the photo (but this fact did not upset me), but, nevertheless, I immediately liked it (I attach a picture of the seller`s photo and a photo of my finished dress that the seller sent).

The color of the dress could be chosen, I chose pure white and it was exactly pure white. Delivery by DHL was very fast, a week later the dress was already in Estonia, but, of course, it was necessary to pay tax. The bill that the seller put together with the dress was not acceptable and I needed to make screenshot from my bank account, so I had to pay a little :) but even after paying all taxes the dress was pretty cheap (about 200 something euros for everything). The dress was packed in a box and cellophane bag and it was exactly as on the photo that the seller sent me. I was very pleased with the quality: it was sewn well and not from cheap materials as it often happens with cheap clothes. The only negative for me is the falling out sequins. The size of the dress was good, only chest was a bit tight since I said the measurements of the chest in the bra and forgot to add a few cm! Do not repeat my mistake :)

The dress was very long. I did not take into account that it was necessary to ask to make it shorter, it was the reason why our newlyweds dance almost failed because of the length of the dress that constantly got on the way ... A dress with a lining, nice satin fabric inside the corset (I was not wearing a bra, cause the corset is solid and there is nothing to be seen :). The dress is not light! The sequins are sewn onto the net material.

I'm very glad that I was not afraid and made my choice on AliExpress, because such a dress would cost me 400 or more euros here. Dress is important, so do not be afraid to check, read, watch and choose! :)

My dress link is already inactive and the store does not work, so I can not give you anything. But look for something that you like and communicate with sellers, because everything is in your and his hands, find compromises :)

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