Decorations for first birthday party from AliExpress

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Today I will talk about decorations I ordered from AliExpress for my son`s first birthday party which we celebrated back in March.
Always order stuff from AliExpress few months before the event, cause it can take pretty long time to arrive. And I am preparing for the second birthday party already :)
How I made number 1 you can read here: how to make number 1

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Light blue pompom ball. Came in 2.5 weeks. Was packed in bag with English instructions. Tied with white ribbon. Make it carefully, the leaves are very thin and can easily be torn. But the end result is very cute :) The pompom is not small, about 30 cm. My link does not work anymore, so I leave an alternative link.
Link: pompom

Banner. Came in 2.5 weeks. Was packaged. Without a smell, the picture is clear and bright, the paper is not thin. Only 10 flags on the banner. My link does not work anymore, so I found something similar.
Link: banner

Star garland. Consists of two color stars, 32 stars on a garland. The stars are stitched. With pearl outflow. Ordered to decorate the feeding chair as you can see on the photo. I just cut a three-star line with scissors and attached to the bottom of the chair. It looks nice :)
Link: garland

Tablecloth with Mickey Mouse. It looks different from seller`s picture. Comes folded in a package. The print is quite bright but the tablecloth itself is very thin, can be easily torn. There was smell when I opened it but it disappeared. Tablecloth is disposable, only for one time use.
Link: tablecloth

Cake topper with Mickey Mouse. The topper comes disassembled, it is very easy to assemble. There are 4 transparent stickers for attaching. Made from thick paper. But one con: black stripes on the white part. Not a big deal but a bit unpleasant. It looks nice on the cake :)
Link: topper

Number 1 balloon. Comes folded without packaging. The balloon is small, only 35 cm in length (inflated already). The colors are bright but if you inflate it with helium, as I did, then consider that it will not fly, since the amount of helium is small and the material is rather dense and it simply can not fly. I found a way out of the situation by hanging another balloon on it. Or just inflate it by yourself through drinking straw.
Link: balloon

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