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I visited MySushi (Tallinn, Rotermanni, address: Mere pst. 4) already twice during this summer, so I will write about what I have tried in there. Link:

The first time we visited it on the Tallinn Maritime festival, cause we wanted to try their`s dessert, which I already heard about on Facebook. Since I was with a baby stroller, we decided to sit on the terrace, the weather was also nice. At the entrance we were greeted by waitresses, we could choose a table by ourself. We took a table, waitress brought a menu, which is provided on the tablets with pictures and descriptions. In addition to dessert, I decided to try Caesar salad with king prawns.

I took a salted caramel latte as drink. Actually I do not drink coffee but I really wanted to try this latte. For dessert I took the Sous bois cake. My friend took panna-cotta and strawberry home-made lemonade (Strawberry Love).

We added our order to the basket on the tablet and handed it over to the waitress. Drinks arrived first and then salad. Salted caramel latte is unreal! This is now one of my favorite drinks (and one of the reasons why I came back here a second time), the taste was wonderful. My friend's lemonade was pretty sweet for me, mason jaris trendy.

Our desserts were brought together with the salad. Honestly, I did not like the salad at all. There was absolutely no flavor in it, a simple salad, a little shrimp, a Parmesan, a boring sauce. Absolutely nothing was memorable, so the second time I would not take this salad. And it looked completely different than in the picture on the menu (but actually everything was different from the pictures) :D

My dessert was delicious, the sweetness was diluted with a layer of jam, but the size of the cake was too big for me and I could not eat it all :) I did not try panna cotta but my friend liked it. The waitresses were polite and served us quickly. Some new clients sat at the next table and wanted to smoke but then they saw us with a stroller and moved to the back tables, very nice of them, thank you :)

The second time I got here without a child and with another friend, literally next day. And this time we came here for dessert (I really wanted that salted caramel latte and try other desserts from their menu) but since I almost did not eat in the previous restaurant we visited before MySushi, I decided to order sushi, they also had a 50% discount campaign for all sushi from the menu.

This time no one greeted us, although there were many waitresses. We chose the table, sat down, there was one tablet on the table, which someone was using before and, apparently, for some reason left, leaving the tablet on table. When finally the waitress came to our table, she was going to take our order from us, but we told her that we had not even been given a menu, this tablet lay on the table before we came here. She quickly brought us the second menu and we could check it. This time I took tempura sushi with shrimps, for dessert red velvet. My friend took a Kiev cake and a cocktail. Unfortunately, I was informed that the machine broke down, so neither latte nor cocoa is served today, so I took green tea.

We had to wait for our drinks this time but sushi, despite the fullness of the restaurant, came quickly. I'm not looking for real Japanese sushi in Estonia, because it's pointless (and my husband makes them for me anyway), so I'm trying out "non-standard" European versions. I liked sushi, crusty outside and cheesy inside. Good filling, the sushi does not fall apart. But the minus for me is the size of sushi, since it is impossible to put a whole piece in the mouth, it is necessary to bite off half first, which is unusual for me, since this is not a very good manner.

Immediately after the sushi waitress brought us desserts. I like red velvet and velvet in Mysushi I liked too, ate it all with pleasure. Since I adore the Kiev cake, I tried this dessert from a friend but, unfortunately, I did not like it at all, from Kiev cake there is only meringue, the taste is completely different ..
The waitress was polite, worked quickly.

Will I return here? Yes. I want to drink cup of caramel latte and try some more desserts, they look very appetizing :) And I also want to get here for lunch, I looked at the menu several times and it seemed very attractive, but I do not know when I'll get here at lunch time.
And one more bonus, which I did not know about, is free parking (1 hour). If we come to lunch, then will use take this opportunity :)


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