Restaurant review: PULL

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We wanted to visit this restaurant from the spring and at the end of July we had an occasion: our wedding anniversary. Link:
I booked table in advance on the Internet, since we were with my husband and child, I mentioned that we would need a baby chair for feeding, they sent me an answer that they would take this moment into account.

My husband and I had a goal to try their Pull Grillfest dish, but it is made for 4 people, which is a lot for two of us, so I wrote to them with a question if they can make this dish for two and if so, it would be ready for our arrival, I was told the next day that it will be done for two and cooked for our arrival, very kindly :)

We arrived a little before the appointed time, we went in, after the entrance door there is a small staircase (it is necessary to take into account those who come with the stroller), the waiters welcome you at entrance. I said my name and we were offered two tables to choose, we took the table by the window. One waitress brought us a menu, asked what we wanted from drinks, then another waitress came up and offered us a baby chair (good and clean, by the way!).

All the waiters were polite and spoke Estonian and English. The waiters felt right when we wanted to make an order and immediately approached.

In addition we ordered vegetables for child (Auru-vege, asked without salt), carbonated water (Pull water, 1 € per 500 ml), beer, virgin Mojito (there is no in menu, they made it for me, Costs 8 €).

First they brought water, then bread with butter, then plates (by the way, they also did not forget for child) and after that our ordered dish arrived.

After 5 minutes they brought vegetables for the child, and then the drinks came. In the vegetable plate were: carrots, broccoli, asparagus. Vegetables had real taste, crunchy.

We got stomachs full with Grillfest, it is including different meat: duck, pork, beef, on the garnish three different salads, couscous and beans in a barbecue sauce. The meat was soft, juicy, tasty. Couscous is so tasty! Salads were fresh.

Since it was interesting to try desserts as well, we ordered them but we could not finish. We ordered Eton Mess and Chocolate-rosemary mousse, plus espresso.
Desserts also arrived quickly, then coffee arrived.
Desserts look interesting but not my favorite. Foam from the grenadine had too much flavor, it overshadowed everything else, vanilla ice cream was delicious, but for me too much vanilla. Well meringues are totally ok 😁 I tried the second dessert a bit, normal, but not in my taste :)

In general, we liked it. Would we return here? Yes. Especially I liked the opportunity to order Grillfest for two (the price is twice cheaper then) :)


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