Recipe: sorrel soup and super easy flatbread with filling

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Sorrel grows at full speed in summer garden, so its time to use it in cooking :) I really love sorrel soup, so today I cooked it from what was at home. You can also add carrots to the soup.
Since my parents brought a lot of sheep cheese from Croatia, I have to think about how to use it in food, because it has such a peculiar smell. The idea for flatbread came to mind .. The flatbreads are very simple in preparation (only 2 ingredients for dough), after roasting the dough becomes crispy, aromatic.

Sorrel soup ingredients:

- 2.5 L of water
- potatoes
- 1 onion
- 250-300 g of minced meat
- sorrel
- 2 eggs
- spices and seasonings


1) Peel and cut potatoes.
2) Pour the water in a pot, put the potatoes there and put on the maximum fire.
3) Peel and cut onions, add to water.
4) Form the balls from the minced meat with your hands and throw in the boiling water. Reduce fire to medium.
5) Cut sorrel. Cook the soup until potatoes are ready, then add sorrel to the soup. Add spices to taste.
6) Break the raw egg and add little by little to the soup, lightly mixing. Turn off the fire, the soup is ready.


Flatbread recipe:

- 300 g of flour
- 300 ml of boiling water
- filling


1) Put the flour in a bowl. Put the water to boil in the kettle and as soon as the kettle boils, immediately add water to the flour.
2) At the beginning, mix the dough with a spoon, then put glove on hand and knead the soft dough with a hand.
3) Cover the dough with a wet napkin and leave for 30 minutes.
4) Cut the dough into small pieces, roll them into a circle and lay out the filling (I had sheep's cheese, but you can put any cheese, a boiled egg with onions, mashed potatoes, roasted minced meat, etc.), then fold in half and close the edges.
5) Heat the oil in a frying pan (pour more oil) and fry flatbread on both sides until golden brown.
6) Lay out on a napkin to allow excess oil to stack.


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